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Formerly Disney Director of Corporate Synergy. Now, PR, Marketing and Synergy Consultant. Also long-form book writer and short-form print and internet writer with specialty penning feature stories, blog postings, bios, profiles, etc. New book released in July, 2015, titled "Inside the Disney Marketing Machine - in the Era of Michael Eisner and Frank Wells." Go behind Disney closed doors and gain new insight into the marketing power behind the mouse from a first-person view.

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The most important Brand is You! Hear how your personal brand is the first branding you should do. Your Business's Brand and your Brand as a Professional and business owner work together in promoting your business. Our guest is Angelica Urquijo from the Imagen group.

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Our show today is graced with our guest Katie Wagner from Katiewagnersocialmedia.com, Katie is beyond an expert in social media. Listen to Katie tell us how easy social media for business can be and how important it is.

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Connor Gillivan joins us to day to talk about how to Bootstrap your business and make it work big time.  Connor is Co-founder of Freeeup.com

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Join us with our guest Nathan Hirsch from Freeeup.com as he talks to us about becoming a part of someone's dream team or building your own dream team. Looking for qualified workers then look no further than this episode of Mind the Business.

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"Shut Up and Say Something" is the title of Karen Friedman's new book. Karen is a business communications expert. She is with us today sharing some insights on great business communications.

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Travis Fox has been on the show before and is always a blast to have with us. Today he talks about leading a business from the bottom up and his new series of up coming books.

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We talk with Thomas Alvord from "Funded Today" about what it takes to make a great Crowdfunding campaign.

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We talk to Mitch Stephen about finding private money and the ways to go about approaching a private lender. Getting private money can be easier and less costly than going through a bank.

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What are the 7 P's in a successful Crowdfunding Campaign? Two of them are PRODUCT and PLATFORM.  To learn the other five listen to our show with our guest Zach Smith from Funded Today.

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