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According to Peter Lisoskie, founder of the CrocBrain Selling System, stories sell.  In this episode, Peter reveals his new selling system - the StorySelling Blueprint Formula and also discusses the Hero's Journey as it relates to sales.

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Gerry Grant, founder of Search-Optimization.com, reveals some tips on marketing via social media sites.

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Gerry Grant, founder of Search-Optimization, discusses the use of search engine optimization to increase your company's profile.

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On our show we have Sheryl Lynn, Co-owner and executive of Essence Water, Inc. Sheryl is also a marketing guru and business event coordinator. Sheryl shares her 10 best tips for a good marketing plan.  

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Selling may not be as difficult as most small business owners think.  According to Peter Lisoskie, author of The Sell Effect:  5 Simple Steps to Sales Conversion, it is a matter of learning how to speak to the brain during a purchase decision.  In this episode, find out more as Peter discusses brain science and selling and how to talk to an individual's crocodile brain or CrocBrain.  Discover what all this croc is about.


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Why do community moderators do what they do? Well, find out in this episode with our guest Ray Wyman. We also talk about what is good content for your google+ post.

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Gerry Grant is back to reveal how to get started on using Google+ and some of its features that small businesses can use.

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Getting your company's message across to potential customers involves using a variety of platforms in today's business world.  Radio Talk Show Host / Digital Publicist Lisa Caprelli and Radio Producer Brian Gaps discuss the variety of platforms businesses can use to expand their digital outreach.

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Hackers can compromise your business and even put you out of business.  Major corporations and even the Federal Government have been victims of cybercrime.  Ron Williams, President and CEO of Talon Companies and retired Secret Service Agent, reveals how hackers can get into your computer systems and how to protect your business from cybercrime.


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Your personal credit report can affect your business.  Our guest, Experian's Rod Griffin, discusses the importance of credit reports and scores.

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