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Make every sale count and be the one seller buyers want to talk to. Listen as our guest Deb Calvert talks about selling from the heart.

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Closing the sale is not that hard. It can be stress free and and 90% successful. Are guest is James Muir who will talk to us about his closing sales techniques.

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Lean some great new marketing ideas from our guest Tema Frank. These are ideas that will work.

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A new way to use Social Media in business. Become a Wisdomprenuer, learn more on this episode of Mind the Business.

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Is your business value your products or your service? Maybe the value of your business is you. Learn more from our guest John Owens on this edition of MTB Radio.

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Are you safe from cyber hackers? Even small businesses are big targets for hackers. 60% of small business go belly up 6 months after they have been hacked. And what about Ransomware? Listen to this show with our guests Troy and Shannon Wilkinson from Axiom Cyber Solutions to learn more.

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Our guest today is Harry Ein Owner of Perfection Promo. Harry is here with us to talk about keeping the customer satisfied and building customer loyalty. Visit our website at www.mindthebusinessradio.com

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Finding it hard to keep Resolutions? Here are a couple of tips for you. Have a Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas to all our listeners. Thank you! Listen to the message and enjoy the song. 

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How do find that perfect employee? Better yet, what does it take to put together that perfect dream team? Listen today to Mind the Business and find out. Visit our page at www.mindthebusinessradio.com


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