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Our show today is graced with our guest Katie Wagner from Katiewagnersocialmedia.com, Katie is beyond an expert in social media. Listen to Katie tell us how easy social media for business can be and how important it is.

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Are you a human doing business or a businessperson being human. Business is changing to a more human approach. Listen and learn about the Awakened Company.

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Is your business giving you a job or has it given you freedom? Don't be a slave to your business. Learn how to value yourself in your business. Our guest today is John Owens.

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Take the risk and be an Entrepreneur. 

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This is a quick tip about passion and your dreams of success.

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What is it about selling most entrepreneurs have problems with?  Is it the fear of rejection?  Travis Fox, CEO of 3Form Media, Inc. and The Grid News Network, discusses how to get past the fear of selling.

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Google+ has become the largest social media platform.  SEO expert Gerry Grant talks about Google+ and its various tools

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Mel Cutler of Entrepreneur Revolution continues his discussion of the Seven Deadly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make.

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