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Mind the Business Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Hello Entrepreneurs and Business Owners!  If you have ever wanted to start a nonprofit or charitable organization, then click on the link to listen to this episode of Mind the Busines.  Our guest - Patricia Wenskunas, Founder/CEO of Crime Survivors, Inc.. and Owner of Creative Coordinating - speaks about starting and...

Sep 11, 2018

How does a business go from startup to #27 on the Inc. 500 list in a few short years? Find out on this episode of Mind the Business.  Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord of Funded Today discusses their company's climb to #27.  They also talk about crowdfunding.  So far, they have raised more than $207 million for their...

Sep 4, 2018

Business techniques and strategies can be used in other areas of your life.  Just ask Chip and Kim McAllister!  In this entertaining episode of "Mind the Business," Chip and Kim discusses how they won CBS's "The Amazing Race" using business techniques.