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Connor Gillivan joins us to day to talk about how to Bootstrap your business and make it work big time.  Connor is Co-founder of Freeeup.com

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Join us with our guest Nathan Hirsch from Freeeup.com as he talks to us about becoming a part of someone's dream team or building your own dream team. Looking for qualified workers then look no further than this episode of Mind the Business.

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"Shut Up and Say Something" is the title of Karen Friedman's new book. Karen is a business communications expert. She is with us today sharing some insights on great business communications.

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Travis Fox has been on the show before and is always a blast to have with us. Today he talks about leading a business from the bottom up and his new series of up coming books.

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We talk with Thomas Alvord from "Funded Today" about what it takes to make a great Crowdfunding campaign.

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We talk to Mitch Stephen about finding private money and the ways to go about approaching a private lender. Getting private money can be easier and less costly than going through a bank.

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What are the 7 P's in a successful Crowdfunding Campaign? Two of them are PRODUCT and PLATFORM.  To learn the other five listen to our show with our guest Zach Smith from Funded Today.

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