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Keeping it simple is the key to a successful business says John Owens. Trying to complicate procedures and systems will only add stress to your life and make the job you love even harder. Join us today with our guest John Owens, from John Owens International, as he teaches the art of simplicity.


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What gets you up in the morning? Does going to work seem like too much work? Then maybe you’re not following you passion! That’s right!  Maybe it’s time to make a new assessment of what makes you happy.


You know what makes up your passion. Just following financial gain is not what it used to be. It’s now what makes you happy and fulfills you on the inside. On the show, we will learn about the five energies of life and how to tap into them


Today we have with us Mr. John Owens, from John Owens International, www.jo-international.com.


John is known globally as an innovative thought leader, consultant, coach, mentor and writer in the world of rapid business transformation.


He has built a reputation as a highly innovative specialist in this area, and has worked in and led multimillion dollar projects in a wide range of industries across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


John has the rare gift of being able to identify the underlying simplicity in any business of any size in any sector – even when it is shrouded in complexity – and to bring it to the surface. He is a passionate advocate for the Power of Simplicity as a means for making people’s lives easier and the business more profitable.


He is renowned for his ability to coach and mentor both technical and non-technical people at all levels.


He regularly writes and blogs on a broad range of inspirational subjects both in his own blog and as a guest writer.


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