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:  For many startups and small businesses, marketing is an important tool.  The problem small businesses owners face is having the budget to market their products and/or services.  John Pietro of SCORE says that you can market your business if you know your target audience, what to say, and the appropriate media.  John should know.  He has over 40 years of marketing experience and worked the "Where's the Beef?" campaign for Wendy's.


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On this episode of "Mind the Business", Eric Hannan, Managing Director of iBank.com, is in studio with us to speak about branding your business. Learn how to use social media, video, and keywords in developing a successful brand.

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This is part 2. Learn how story telling can help you in sales. Our guest is Peter Lisoskie from www.Crocbrain .com. Listen and enjoy this best of MTB. First aired September 2013.

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In the Best of MTB we will be revisiting the aspect of increasing sales using story telling. Our guest is Peter Lisoskie of The CrocBrain, Brain Science in Selling. 

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