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Taking care of your credit is one of the key ingredients of a successtul business. Our guest, Eric Hannan from iBank.com discusses the "5 C's" of credit. You won't want to miss this one!

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Our guest on this show is Gerry Grant, the founder of www.search-optimization.com,  shares his 19 years of internet  expertise on the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

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Our guest today is Emma Tiebens, Founder and CEO of therelationalmarketer.com. Emma tells us explains how to market your business and products by establishing good relationships.

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Manny Lopez, founder of Brightside Advertising, reveals some useful hints and tips on Facebook marketing.

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Eric Hannan from iBank.com discusses the challenges small businesses face in getting funding, what funders look for in an applicant, the 5 C’s of credit and ways to increase your business credit profile.

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Sarah Michael, the founder of sparklingresultscoaching.com, is an expert in Intuitive Leadership. Sarah talks about sales, service and dealing with the fear of sales.

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Listen as Voiceover Artist/Actor Mike Villani shares with us some great stories and inside information on the voiceover industry. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.



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Nance Rosen, MBA, joins us to talk about the human and personal approach to sales. Nance is on the faculty at UCLA Extension, has been seen on CNBC's "Big Idea," and is a media expert.

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Starting and running a business takes a lot of thought and planning.  Our guest, Jay McDowell, who is with "Action Coach", talks about the strategic business plan.

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In Part 2, Mike Villani talks about the union and what it takes to get in and stay in the entertainment industry.

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